Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Strood Cemetery - Cuxton Road

The site is found on Cuxton Road in Strood, Kent. I am not to familiar with the transport system here yet but there are at least 2 buses that go past that way. The nearest station is Strood (although it will be a fair walk) and I think that it may be near Cuxton station too.
The site was first opened in 1883. The church on the site, called St Nicholas, was however, built in 1875. I don't know if this is wrong information or not, but this on occasion has happened before where a church is built then the graveyard gradually builds around it.
The site tends to be referred to either as Cuxton cemetery or Rochester, Strood cemetery.
The layout of the site appears to be in a half moon shape. I don't have the exact size of it but it's really not that very big.
The first thing you will notice before you get there as it really is a bit of a trek! You have to walk up a bit of a hill and it you are a bit unfit, like myself, then it's a struggle. It will be easily in your site however as it sits upon a hill, with lots of trees surrounding it. There is a very tall stone wall surrounding it but as it is on a hill, the site sits on it more than being confined by it.
Just by my luck, I would pick to go on a day where there where 3 active burials going on. Due to this I had to be very careful to not cause distress or any disrespect. The first thing you will notice is the church, called St Nicholas. The church was apparently here before the graveyard itself. The site, although it be small, is one of the 4 main cemeteries in the Medway region. The one thing I do very much love about this place is the amount of trees and shrubbery. It gives it a beautifully natural feel and attracts the wildlife which is pleasant to see also. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the amount of tree stumps that I found. The place may have ended up a forest otherwise but I would have secretly liked that.
What I noticed about this site, more than any of the others that I have been in, is the personality in which it has. I came across a child's grave which was written in the style of the Disney writing and another which was done in the style of harry potter. The site actually has a children's section which had a beautiful little cherub statue sitting upon one of the stumps. You may notice upon entering, the sound of chimes. This is because nearly all of the small trees have wind chimes on their branches. It seems quite a common theme here and is a charming addition.
The weather deteriorated which cut short my trip to this little place, for something so small it certainly had a lot of character to it. On my way out I noticed a new memorial garden which was still in the middle of construction. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is done.  
Although I could sense a few presences around me, when I uploaded my photos, I did not appear to find anything. There where some strange marks in some of them though. My computer went a bit funny so as of yet, I have not been able to determine what they are. As soon as I know, you will all know!
Considering that the site is based near a main road, it really is a serene little place with an amazing view of the historic Rochester. The fact that it is very well looked after is also worth seeing as it is not very common, especially with little ones such as this. Very peaceful and strangely relaxing.
“Respect those who are not physically here, you can’t see them but they can see you, and disrespect is something they don’t want to see”
RATING: 4/5 - Beautiful little place for an afternoon stroll.

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